Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Mission - Brixton o2 Academy - 22nd Oct 2011

Review by DJ Boxer
Location: Brixton o2 Academy - London, UK
Bands: Gene Loves Jezebel, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission


With the tube line to Brixton being closed (surprise, surprise), the large majority of fans were forced to take replacement buses to the venue. After arriving via the short bus trip with goths packed in like sardines, the fans departed the bus only to see that the line for the entrance into the sold-out gig went around the block.

Gene Loves Jezebel:

Unfortunately for a large number of fans (including myself), Gene Loves Jezebel played the majority of their set while we stood in line waiting to get in. Only managing to catch the last song, there were no surprises as to what it was – of course they ended their set with Desire. The crowd seemed to enjoy it with a few keen fans joining in. As upsetting as the delay was, it was great to see GLJ playing again as they do consistently put on an entertaining show.


(no-one was in the venue while they were playing)

Fields of the Nephilim:

They took to stage just after 8pm with McCoy appearing after the introductory song. At times it appeared as if the smoke machine had been left on for a little too long with the smoke being so thick that you couldn't actually see the band. Although having said that, it did do quite well in providing an appropriate atmosphere together with the lighting. I wish better things could be said about this performance as the songs themselves were well performed, however, the levels from the sound desk weren't set correctly which meant that the best place to hear the band was by the bar and I think this is what lead to quite a few of the fans being disappointed overall. As one fan to whom I spoke to on the train said, "they never quite climaxed."

Straight to the Light
Preacher Man
From the Fire
Last Exit for the Lost

The Mission:

After a brief respite at the bar, the crowd seemed to flood in to get a good spot inside the venue (including the shirtless, sweaty ones pushing their way through). The gig kicked off on an amusing note with the theme song of the movie Damnbusters playing as the members walked on stage, followed by Hussey strumming the opening for Beyond the Pale under the banner of the bands logo. As they progressed through the songs, there were points during which some fans were scampering onto each other's shoulders to get either; a better view, to be the centre of attention or just to have that close intimate moment with their fellow fan. The crowd continuously sang through a majority of the songs to the point where (from my vantage point) it was almost as audible as the house PA, especially throughout songs such as Severina and Butterfly on a Wheel. Besides it being the 25th anniversary of the day that Craig and Wayne parted ways with Sisters of Mercy, this performance was made even more memorable by the announcement that The Mission will be going on tour again in 2012.

Damnbusters Intro
Beyond the Pale
Hands Across the Ocean
Serpents Kiss
Naked and Savage
Garden of Delight
Butterfly on a Wheel
Stay With Me
The Crystal Ocean

Encore 1:
Like A Hurricane
Tower of Strength

Encore 2:
Blood Brother

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