Tuesday, 6 September 2011

DJ Boxer - Track of the Week

The Mission - Dance On Glass

With The Mission reforming (again) for their 25th anniversary tour, I thought it apt that we should write a piece dedicated to the origins of the band which has provided such great Goth club anthems such as 'Butterfly On A Wheel', 'Deliverance' and 'Wasteland'.
'Dance On Glass' originally came to light when Wayne Hussey was a part of Sisters Of Mercy and was originally planned to appear on the follow up to 'First And Last And Always', 'Left on Mission and Revenge'. Upon parting ways with 'The Sisters', Hussey joined with the now ex-bassist guitarist Craig Adams to form The Sisterhood. However, before they could ever release an album, Andrew Eldritch released an album as The Sisterhood, effectively preventing Hussey and Adams from continuing under this name. From there, The Mission was born.
The song, 'Dance On Glass' was released by The Mission on the first full length album, 'Gods Own Medicine'. There is also a demo version performed by the Sisters Of Mercy line up (found on the Rare Obscurities release) that included Hussey (as vocals) and Adams however the song eventually became Black Planet.
The Sisters Of Mercy - Dance On Glass
Note: There is some debate about what happened when Hussey/Adams departed from Sisters Of Mercy so please feel free to enter your comments below.